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In 1996 Golly Corner was launched as the only site covering Robertson's Golly brooches. Over the years many other sites have appeared. This section brings you the latest offerings and quickly removes links to those that fall by the wayside.


Golly Yahoo! Groups

To participate in a Yahoo! Group, you need to create a Yahoo! ID and password and then subscribe to the group. I participate in both of the groups below.

Joining a Yahoo! Group is free!

  • The Yahoo! Golly Badge Club II The Golly Badge Club II (GollyBCII) – Created April 2002 (original club created November 2001)

    A Group for Robertson's Golly Badge collectors and other Robertson's merchandise.

    This group offers a mailing list, chat room, swaps database and other features to allow you to interact with the rest of the group.

    The group has issued Golly Brooch Club badges some years.
    [Unauthorised by Robertson's]

    In the past, members have got together in person at various locations around the country (we have even held one in Nothern Ireland) as part of the Sunday Lunch Club. A great way of getting to know other collectors. Andrew, the founder member of the Sunday Lunch Club and one of the moderators on GollyBC has Sunday Lunch Club Golly badges produced to commemorate the meetings. [Unauthorised by Robertson's]

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  • Badgers – Created October 2001

  • This group is for members of the Badge Collectors Circle.

    Not exclusively Golly, so for anybody who is a member of the Badge Collectors Circle with other badge interests as well as Golly, this is ideal.

Other Collectors

  • Will's Golly Page – Created September 1999
    Will Carpentier had a massive collection of brooches and an infectious enthusiasm for the subject when he developed this site. In addition to the wealth of Golly brooch information, he also displayed a selection of old Robertson's adverts and his Jelly Baby Basset/Robertson promotion brooches. Although no longer a collector, the site remains for information.

  • GollyWorld – Created February 1999
    GollyWorld Eve Rossiter has photographically documented her huge collection of Robertson's Golly memorabilia. Eve refers to her site as the Museum on the net. Her collection includes Robertson's Golly brooches as well as other items from Robertson's promotions over the years. A stunning site to showcase a stunning collection.

  • Jon Glew's Golly Collection – Created March 1999
    Listing some of the brooch sets, Matt Glew has added links to scans of the Glew's family collection. Jon Glew's commentary makes for an interesting personalised tour.

  • Jules' Golly collection – Created March 2000
    Jules Sutton's collection is displayed on the Internet for all to admire! He has also developed a fun animation incorporating some of the brooch characters along with an unusual photo of HMS Crichton.

  • Dave Sheppard's Golly page – Created January 1999
    The Golly band musician models are the subject of Dave's page. This is another aspect of Golly collecting that is very popular.

  • Gollyweb Pin Badges – Created November 2006
    Simon Bowes has created a very stylish website. Beautifully presented with plenty of high quality photos of his collection. There are many other sections to explore for in depth information and a fresh look at golly badge collecting.

Background Interest

  • The Robert Opie Packaging Museum
    An excellent web site related to the UK's largest collection of nostalgic British advertising images.
    The Gloucester collection contained an example of an old Robertson's stoneware jar along with exhibits contrasting old and new packaging. The gift shop had some Robertson's and Golly related mementos including fridge magnets, postcards, tins and birthday cards. Although the museum at Gloucester closed at the end of October 2001, there is also a museum in Wigan.
    Keep an eye on the museum's web site for details of where customers will be able to view the collection following the Gloucester museum's closure.

  • When I Was Young
    Discover a fascinating selection of people's personal memories from the 1920s to the 1960s. The web site is an excellent taste of the book and you can add your memories for inclusion in the next edition. The 1920's features the Golly Badge!

  • Logo R.I.P.
    Add your thoughts to the condolences book for the passing of the Robertson's Golly. The site as a whole is designed to compliment and promote the book, "Logo R.I.P." The book serves as a memorial commemorating logotypes (trademarks) which have vanished from our visual landscape - whether through mergers, acquisitions, rebranding or bankruptcy.

Seek and you shall find

....links to other related sites embedded throughout this site, for example.
  • Fattorini & Sons (one of the brooch manufacturers) in Even More.
  • R.E.V. Gomm (another brooch manufacturer) in Even More.
  • Description of the enamelling process in Even More.
  • The Badge Collectors Circle in Books & Clubs.
  • The International Golly Collectors Club in Books & Clubs.
  • Examples of books of interest to Golly collectors Books and Clubs.
  • Arnotts (producers of the Scalliwag brooch) in Curiosites.
  • British Balloon Museum in Curiosites.

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