Golly Corner: The Great Golly Giveaway 2001


The Great Golly Giveaway Children In Need Brooch
[Authorised by Robertson's]

In October 2001, a new collector, Chris Barron started requesting Golly brooches be donated to The Great Golly Giveaway. The donated brooches were to be auctioned on ebay in November and the proceeds given to the 2001 Children In Need Appeal.

Great Golly Giveaway in Box

To commemorate the event and raise futher funds, Chris also designed an enamel brooch. It was limited to 500 and received Robertson's official approval. Each brooch was individually numbered on the reverse.

The badges were presented in one of two ways. Regardless of the presentation the badges cost 2.50 (+30p P&P) each
Brooches 201–500: Anybody who couldn't donate a brooch but wished to support the fund raising received the brooch on a presentation card. In addition anybody who donated a brooch for auction after the intial 200 brooches had been allocated also received this packaging. Various colour backing cards were used, but these did not reflect the brooch numbers in any way. Brooches 001–200: The first 200 people that donated a brooch for auction received their brooch in a specially designed box. The base of the box is shown below and the complete presentation is shown above.
Brooches 001–025 were mounted on Gold Card.
Brooches 026–050 were mounted on Silver Card.
Brooches 051–200 were mounted on various colours.
Great Golly Giveaway Presentation Card Base of the Great Golly Giveaway presentation box


Special collector's edition of the Great Golly Giveaway Children In Need Brooch 2001
[Unauthorised by Robertson's]

At the beginning of February 2002, Chris Barron announced that a special collectors edition of the Golly Giveaway 2001 badge was to be produced in hallmarked silver. The badge was limited to 250 and was issued in a presentation case with a numbered certificate. Each badge cost 45. Profits to Children In Need.

The day the badges went on general sale (1st March 2002) they were sold out.

The badges were delivered around the middle of June 2002.

By January 2003, a number of these badges were noticed to be tarnishing, especially if left in their presentation case. The half worst affected is where the badge touches the velour lining of the presentation case. A few collectors also reported that badges such as the Silver Farewell and Silver Millennium are tarnishing too.

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