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The Sunday Lunch Club was launched at the end of 2001 to encourage Golly badge collectors to meet and to swap badges or just chat in a relaxed setting. The lunches are arranged through GollyBC – the Yahoo! Group. Badges are issued by the founder member (Andrew) to those who have attended. The lunch clubs move around the country to give everybody an oppertunity to attend at least one. There have been no meetings since 2006.

Jon Bound and myself are arranging a Portsmouth 2006 SLC on 24th September 2006 to visit The Robertson's Golly Yacht.

Sunday Lunch 10. G-OLLI Inflation SLC, Field adjacent to Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire. 18th July 2004.

This presented a unique opportunity to see historic Golly III inflated. Pictures of the inflation document the occasion. Kenilworth Tin Badge
70 issued. The food on the platter are spuds. The first ones in England were grown (ornamentally) on Kenilworth Castle green.
Enamelled Badge with Silver Edge
50 issued
Square Kenilworth Badge
50 issued
Gold Badge
15 issued

Sunday Lunch 9. North Parade Hotel, Skegness. 10th – 11th April 2004.

SLC Skegness Fancy Dress Invite and Postcard Skegness Fancy Dress Tin Badge
48 issued.
Skegness SLC Tin Badge
70 issued.
SLC Skegness Crazy Golf Tournament Tin Badge (White) SLC Skegness Crazy Golf Tournament Tin Badge (Blue)
SLC Skegness Crazy Golf Tournament Tin Badge (Red) SLC Skegness Crazy Golf Tournament Tin Badge (Yellow)
60 sets of 4 issued.

Easter weekend saw the first SLC of 2004 - by the seaside - Golly style. A special postcard was produced referring to the allure of the East Coast in Spring, based on the jolly fisherman. Andrew arranged an action packed weekend with the Saturday evening culminating in a Fancy Dress Ball....the invite cleverly based on the 1999 set's promotional leaflet. Sunday morning saw a crazy golf tournament on Skegness sea-front. This was followed by the traditional Sunday Lunch.


Sunday Lunch Club Christmas 2003

All members who had attended an SLC during 2003 were wished a A Merry Slunchmas with a festive card and an SLC Santa attached.

Sunday Lunch 8. Tortworth Court, Bristol. 28th September 2003.

Tin badge issued at 8th SLC (yellow/geen coupling) Tin badge issued at 8th SLC (all yellow coupling) - Are those things headlamps?

Balloon design The venue for lunch 8, Tortworth Court, was also the name of a Saint class steam train built in 1913. 48 tin badges with a yellow/green coupling were produced and 24 with an all yellow coupling.
10 special black balloons issued 50 sets of balloon badges in a red valour box were also produced. Bristol is well known for its annual Balloon Fiesta, and whilst the Golly balloons were in service, they made appearances there. To complete the theme, around 200 balloons were released on the day to compete in a SLC Balloon race.
Bristol Balloon Box Set

10 special black balloon brooches were also issued to competition winners and helpers.

Extra Ordinary Lunch 1. The Old Bakehouse (The Brewer's Arms), South Petherton. 24th August 2003.

Tin badge issued at SLCx1 This lunch was christened an "Extra Ordinary SLC" because of its impromptu nature. The Australian design was selected because the lunch was held to coincide with the visit of an Australian member of the Yahoo! club - GollyBC, to the UK. 20 badges were produced.

Sunday Lunch 7. Leeds Castle "Picnic in the Park", Kent. 20th July 2003.

Blue Hopper Orange Hopper Pink Hopper Black Hopper

46 sets of orange, blue and pink hoppers issued.
The black hoppers were issued as prizes for games including space hopper races!

100 tin badges depicting Henry VIII.
Leeds castle was a palace of Henry VIII.
Tin badge issued at 7th SLC

Sunday Lunch 6 Tatton Park, Knutsford, Manchester. 6th April 2003.

Tin badge issued at 6th SLC

60 tin badges with the home and away kit of Droylsden FC.
The nearest an SLC has been held to Robertson's who are located in Droylsden.

This was the first time the SLC logo was printed on the reverse of the badges.
Three sets were produced:-
20 sets of footballers with the home (red) and away (blue/yellow) strips of Droylsden Football Club were produced. The same strips as shown on the tin badges. These were produced to raise extra funds for charity.
Droylsden Home Strip Droylsden Away Strip
Yellow Card Referee Red Card Referee

10 Referees dressed in black but holding up a 'player sent off' red card. These were given to dedicated supporters of the SLC.

40 sets of footballers with the Manchester United (red) and Manchester City (blue) strips were produced along with the Referee dressed in black, holding up a 'player warned' yellow card. As with the Belfast set, they were presented in a green velour case.

Manchester City Manchester United

Sunday Lunch 5. Belfast Castle, Belfast, Northern Ireland. 2nd February 2003.

60 tin badges with 3 Guinnesses (1 for each of the 3 NI members who helped organise the event).

Tin badge issued at 5th SLC
Belfast Set

20 sets of three Guinness Gollies with matching number badges in green velour presentation box.


Sunday Lunch Club Christmas 2002

Although there was no Christmas Lunch Club, a badge was produced to round off a successful lunch club year in which the attendance dramatically increased.

Andrew also sent a Christmas Greeting (which included another tin badge in the series) to those who had attended a SLC in 2002.

Never issued at a Lunch Club
30 tin badges for Lunch Club 3 were produced in error with the wrong date.
24th June – should have been 30th June.

Sunday Lunch Club 4
Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor
29th September 2002.
65 tin badges with the Queen Golly on them.

Tin badge never issued - produced in error Tin badge issued at 4th SLC

Sunday Lunch Club 2
Two Bridges Hotel, Princetown, Dartmoor
24th February 2002.
30 tin badges.

Sunday Lunch Club 3
The Woodhouse Hotel, Princethorpe, Warwickshire
30th June 2002.
40 tin badges with my birthday cake on them!

Tin badge issued at 2nd SLC Tin badge issued at 3rd SLC

Paper/plastic home-made badge issued at 1st SLC Sunday Lunch Club 1
Two Bridges Hotel, Princetown, Dartmoor
16th September 2001.
20 home-made paper/plastic badges individually numbered in pencil on the reverse.

The Waitress Series

At the 10th SLC, the chef series was complete (except for slunchers who had attended 10 lunch clubs and now qualified for the pink scarf). A new series of badges was started. The waitress was chosen to replace the chefs.

Available at
Lunch Club
Serial Numbers Issued Scarf SLC Waitress with Blue Scarf
10 1 – 50 Red Scarf
Extra Ordinary SLC 2

1 – 50 Green Scarf
11 1 – 50 Yellow Scarf
12 1 – 50 Blue Scarf
13 1 – 50 Purple Scarf
Obtained via The Golly Club web site.

1 – 50 Pink Scarf
Waitress with white blouse and black hand

In addition 2 waitresses with white blouses and pink ties were produced:-

  1. 30 as a prize for participating in the decision as to the blouse colour (black or white). A mistake made during manufacture - Golly's hand was white as well as the blouse.

  2. 32 with the error corrected i.e. with a white blouse and black hand. Also made available to those who participated in the decision as to which colour blouse looked best.

The Chef Series

By the 6th SLC, the waiter series was complete (except for slunchers who had attended all 6 and now qualified for the pink bow tie). Therefore, a new series of badges was started. This time a chef rather than a waiter was used; the variation being the colour of scarf rather than bow tie.

Available at
Lunch Club
Serial Numbers Issued Scarf SLC Chef with Green Scarf
6 1 – 50 Red Scarf
7 1 – 50 Green Scarf
Extra Ordinary SLC 1

1 – 50 Yellow Scarf
8 1 – 50 Blue Scarf
9 1 – 50 Purple Scarf
10th lunch club the collector has attended. 1 – 25 Pink Scarf

A Rainbow of Waiter SLC Badges

At Sunday Lunch Club 3, attendees were also given the opportunity to buy a 'cut-out' Sunday Lunch Club badge for each SLC they had attended. Each lunch attended allows the collector (affectionately known as a SLuncher) to buy a badge with a different colour bow tie. Each badge has a different serial number stamped on the reverse.

Sunday Lunch Club 6 - Pink Bow Tie Available at
Lunch Club
Serial Numbers Issued Bow Tie
1 1 – 50
Red Bow Tie
2 51 – 100
Green Bow Tie
3 101 – 150
Yellow Bow Tie
4 151 – 200
Blue Bow Tie
5 201 – 251
Purple Bow Tie
5th lunch club the collector has attended.*1 252 – 276
Pink Bow Tie

*1Was 6th Lunch Club prior to March 2004.

Please note:– The numbers quoted above are those officially issued by Andrew. However, in some instances manufacturers samples have been made. Where the badge issue was numbered on the reverse this has led to numbers greater than those issued being stamped on the reverse e.g. Red Referees and Chefs.

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