"Sara is and always will be my inspiration to carry on as long as possible"
Richard (right) presenting Lloyd (left) with £3000 cheque with part of the famous diving suit in the foregroundFundraisers Team Up for 2004

Richard Burton (right) has raised over £190,000 for Leukaemia Research after losing his 14 year old granddaughter, Sara, to the disease back in 1996. The profits made on the sale of his Rupert and other badges (including those listed below) go to this and closely related charities.

Lloyd Scott (left) first made the news in 2002 when he donned a diving suit to complete the London Marathon.

Richard has teamed up with Lloyd and says, "Lloyd has experienced the trauma of having Leukaemia himself and since then has worked tirelessly to raise millions for research".

Through selling the Australian set, Richard has presented Lloyd with £3,000 to help research into the illness. They are planning a fresh venture this year. Richard has designed a new set of Golly badges to commemorate Lloyd's achievements including his walk through Loch Ness in his now famous diving suit.

During July 2004, in recognition for all his hard work in raising funds for various Leukaemia charities, Richard was invited to one of the Queen's Garden Parties. He and his wife had a wonderful time and it sounds as if they were treated like royalty themselves. It was a golorious day weatherwise and he says it is a day he will remember forever.

London Marathon New York Marathon Walk in Loch Ness - 2 fishes were all he saw!

Autumn 2005 Update

National Service Artwork
Silver edged Union Jack Rupert & Golly

Red R2000G Car

Rupert & Golly badges with Union Jack
[Unauthorised by Robertson's]
Golly & Rupert in the car
[Unauthorised by Robertson's]

Blue scroll edged in silver
Blue scroll edged in gold
Red scroll edged in gold

Blue car & blue jumper
Dark Green car & red jumper
Green & car & red jumper
Dark Blue car & red jumper
Orange car & orange jumper

Greek Summer 2004 Olympics A single Golly badge has been produced to commemorate the Summer 2004 Olympics in Greece.

Euro 2004 badgeEuro 2004

A Euro 2004 Golly badge is now available from Richard. Produced by Toye & Company, the badge is 40mm diameter. The edition is limited.

John Newton's Rugby Gold Cup (white rim) John Newton's Rugby Gold Cup (red rim)

The 1966 World Cup Winning team as well as other Golly football team badges are helping to raise money for the charity. There are 70 different badges ranging from the Premiership to the Nationwide Conference. Anyone wishing to see the full range should send a stamped self addressed envelope to the above address.

Also available via Richard are a pair of John Newton's Rugby Gold Cup badges. These are available for £9 each.

The Australian Set
[Non-Robertson's]The Australian Set

The set of 3 comes complete in a presentation box with numbered certificate. 1,000 sets are being produced. Each set costs £25 (includes P&P within the UK).

From April 2004 each set will come free with a
Golly & Rupert badge whilst stocks last.

Make cheques payable to: -

Richard Burton No. 2 Account

Application Address for Australian Set

Australian Badge Offer
96 Staplehurst
Wooden Hill
RG12 8DD

Other Golly Sales
Sara's Badge Unofficial Goodbye Tribute brooch
The Robertson's approved Sara's Badge.
[Authorised by Robertson's]
The Unofficial Goodbye Tribute brooch.
[Unauthorised by Robertson's]

Polite Reminders

Richard would like to remind everyone that even if you ring and have a chat with him, when you write to him, please:–

Richard now has his own checklist of non-Robertson's Golly badges which is available to anybody who provides him with a stamped, self-addressed envelope with dimensions of 9" x 6.5". The list is frequently updated.

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Golly Corner: Richard Burton / revised September 2005
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