Golly Corner: Rupert & Golly


The Original Series from Richard Burton [Not Robertsons]

Yellow Waistcoat Red Waistcoat Light Blue Waistcoat Dark Blue Waistcoat White Golly & Pink Rupert Pink Jacket Yellow Jacket Green Jacket

Richard Burton has many Golly & Rupert brooches for sale (but not all the ones shown on this section).

A variation of Golly with a green waistcoat has also been produced but is not pictured here.

The Next Generation

Yellow Waistcoat, Gold Edging Yellow Waistcoat, Silver Edging Red Scroll Green Waistcoat, Silver Edging Gold Scroll White Scroll


Red Car / Red Jumper Light Blue Car / Light Blue Jumper Dark Blue Car/Red Jumper Green Car / Green Jumper Dark Green Car / Red Jumper Light Green Car / Light Green Jumper Orange Car / Orange Jumper Green Car / Red Jumper

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