Golly Corner: Portsmouth SLC - 2006

Clare Francis' former yacht - The Robertson's Golly PORTSMOUTH SLC - 2006

On 24th September 2006 an SLC will be held in Portsmouth. The main focus of the SLC will be access to Clare Francis' former yacht - The Robertson's Golly. In addition there are plenty of things to see and do around Portsmouth and it's well worth a weekend away. All the shots below were taken during my earlier 2006 visit.

Access to Claire Francis' former yacht will be arranged. This is being granted by the Meridian Trust. The Meridian Trust is a registered charity and we would ask that members wishing to attend consider making a donation. The Meridian Trust are even lending us one of their valuable and experienced skippers for the day - Nick. When you board the yacht you will be asked to sign a guest book. To the side of the book we will make available a clearly labelled, small postbox where you can post your anonymous or personal contribution to the Meridian Trust in an envelope. Currently there are no plans to sail the yacht on the day. Due to the short timescale we will be unable to produce any commemerative badge for the occasion, but hope that this will not put people off.

The lunch will be held at The Old Customs House at Gunwharf Quays. From the link it can be seen that there is quite an extensive menu. It would help if we can let the Customs House know in advance what you would like to order for your main course. This will enable them to try and serve us all around the same time. So please have a read of the of the Customs House site and menu, and then just drop me an email.

10.30am – 12.00pm Access to the yacht
12.00pm – 2.00pm Lunch at The Old Customs House
2.00pm – 4.00pm Access to the yacht

With two opportunities to have access to The Robertson's Golly this should give people staying the weekend an opportunity to see the yacht in the morning and anybody who can't make it before 12pm to see the yacht in the afternoon. Of course, everybody is welcome both morning and afternoon if they so wish, but we also hope it will give you a better chance of taking the photos you want. In the morning we will also be flying my HMS Crichton Battle Ensign...in the afternoon we are hoping for a further surprise!

If you would like to meet us at the yacht 10.30 am - 12pm or 2.00pm - 4.00pm, then you can wait at the top on the pontoon at Gunwharf Quays. This is the place where you can enter the jetty to the yacht and other boats, but require a security code to do so. We will regularly check the access point. Alternatively, if you would like to meet us at the lunch 12.00pm - 2.00pm, then you can make your way to the Old Customs House at Gunwharf Quays and ask for the Jon Bound Party (we have a room booked at The Customs House).

Please use the GollyBC Database to register your intention to attend.

If you are staying Saturday night in Portsmouth and would like an evening meal we are meeting at 7pm in the cafe bar at the base of Spinnaker Tower. You will have no problem finding the Tower even if it is your first time in Portsmouth...it is located at Gunwharf Quays and is visible for miles. We are having an informal meal the night before...nothing booked just a group of us out for a nice meal at one of Gunwharf's other restaurants....with plenty of wine!!!

If you need some inspiration as to what, on top of the yacht, could tempt you to Portsmouth, some of the attractions below may do the trick. All of the underlined orange and red headings below are links to sites which will give you more information.

Photos from the actual day of the SLC at Portsmouth are now available.

Spinnaker Tower

With a strong Dubai influence this is not only a stunning landmark, but on the practical side it houses a smart café at the base and affords great views across Portsmouh and The Solent from the upper levels and Crows Nest.

Spinnaker Tower taken from Portsmouth Hardbour whilst on board The Robertson's Golly yacht Looking through the glass floor of Spinnaker Tower
The views from Spinnaker Tower

Royal Navy Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Ships, museums, fun themed shops, beautifully done....and among the Historic Ships such as the Victory and the Warrior you can do some ship spotting of your own...contemporary Royal Navy and Russian vessels!

HMS Warrior HMS Victory


Even if we can't sail The Robertson's Golly itself to The Isle of Wight, using the Hovercraft you could still explore!

Hovercraft entering Portsmouth Hoverport The narrow, colourful streets of Cowes, Isle of Wight

Other things to see and do

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