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In August 2001, Robertson's phased out their Golly promotions which were, in the main, attracting adult collectors. Instead they targeted a younger audience and entered a partnership with Roald Dahl World to produce badges featuring illustrations from books written by Roald Dahl (1916-1990). All the illustrations are produced by Quentin Blake (b 1932). In September 2001, Robertson's even held an on-line chat session with Liccy Dahl (Roald Dahl's widdow) to promote the new badges.

The reverse of the first Roald Dahl brooches were very similar to the reverse of the later Golly brooches except on some designs the lettering has a distinctive pink tinge. However, the backstamp has changed since the first set.

As with the later Golly badges, the Roald Dahl badges are manufactured by the Bizz Badge Company, they are screen printed on brass badges.

Each of the sets below were marketed in various leaflets issued by Robertson's.

On August 23rd 2006 Robertson's issued a statement saying they had decided to remove the Dahl collectables scheme from Robertsons packs. More details of the statement are in the News section for that day.

Fridge Magnets - March 2004

[No longer available from Robertson's]

Three A5 fridge magnets. Each featuring 5 images and 50 words.

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Fantastic Mr Fox
Fantastic Mr Fox

The BFG - Christmas 2003

[Sold Out May 2004]

Three characters taken from the 1982 Roald Dahl book, The BFG (The Big Friendly Giant) are shown across the four badges in the set. Limited Edition of 500 sets.

The BFG The BFG Catches dreams and blows them into childrens bedrooms as they sleep. Here, pointing at his large ears he reveals how he heard Sophie from across the street. Sophie Sophie Seeing the BFG blow dreams in to the bedroom across the road, The BFG feels compelled to take her back to his country to keep his important work secret.
Hairy Giant All the other Giants are hairy and eat Humans. Is this Fleshlumpeater, Bonecruncher or Childchewer? Hairy Giant The BGF & Sophie Striking up a great friendship, they hatch a plot to save humans from the appetite of Hairy Giants! (Image from the book cover). BGF & Sophie

The 5 Ticket Winners - Christmas 2002

[Sold Out End Of 2004]

5 characters taken from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1964). 5 lucky children open bars of Chocolate to reveal a Golden Ticket which allows them access to Willy Wonka's top secret Chocolate Factory. Some ticket winners are less deserving than others! Limited Edition of 2,000.

Augustus Gloop Augustus Gloop. Eating is his hobby but his greediness gets him into trouble. Violet Beuregarde Violet Beuregarde. Her ambition is to chew the same piece of Gum for a record breaking period but her passion for gum proves to be her downfall.

Veruca Salt Veruca Salt. She only has to scream for anything she wants - and her father buys it for her. In the Chocolate Factory she finds the one thing she can not possess. Mike Teavee Mike Teavee. Watching Television is his great love but pioneering with broadcasting on your own body is never advisable.

Charlie Bucket Charlie Bucket. Polite, thoughtful and very poor. The real winner of Willy Wonka's prize.

Introductory Set of 7 - August 2001

[Still Available from Robertson's]

Launched on August 23rd 2001 to replace the Golly premiums, this set of badges introduces the major characters from seven of Roald Dahl's books. Anybody who received a Golden Farewell badge got one badge free in their 'Goodbye Package'. Unlimited (70,000 produced).

Matilda Matilda (1988). A precocious child who has read all the books in the junior library and several adult classics by the time she starts school. Unchallenged by home or standard education her brain power starts to manifest in unconventional ways. James Henry Trotter & the Old Green Grasshopper James and the Giant Peach (1961). The short horn old green grasshopper is one of the over sized insects that accompany James in his travels within the Giant Peach. Thinking them out of many a scrape, James soon becomes their hero.

Mr Fox Fantastic Mr. Fox (1970). Having his tail shot off, a mechanical digger tunnelling after him, and his fox hole surrounded by over 100 farm hands with guns doesn't stop Fantastic Mr. Fox from arranging a banquet for his family and friends. The Grand High Witch of All The World & Fellow Witches The Witches (1983). The Grand High Witch of All the World wears a mask, gloves and a wig. The other witches, disguised as members of the RSPCC are invited to remove their wigs while she reveals her plan to dispose of all the children in England.

The Twits The Twits (1980). A pot of glue plays an important role in the Twits lives. Not only does it help them catch birds for their weekly bird pie, but it also spells a sticky end for them. Big Friendly Giant The BFG (1982). His super sensitive, enormous ears not only allow him to hear the heart beat of a little girl on the other side of the street, but also provide the perfect way to carry her.

Willy Wonka Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1964). Mr Willy Wonka is the brilliant but eccentric owner of the Chocolate Factory. He organises a competition so 5 lucky children can see the inside of his factory and share its secrets.

Fantastic Mr Fox Mug (Staff Only) - August 2001

[Available to Staff Only]

Fantastic Mr Fox mug issued to Robertson's staff in 2001 as part of the introduction of the new Roald Dahl scheme to replace Golly. The inscription around the rim of the mug significantly reads, This time we must go in a very special direction said Mr Fox. The mug has the date 2001 and mentions both the Robertson's and Roald Dahl web sites. Please note this mug is not, and never was, available to order from Robertson's as it was for Staff Only.

Reverse of scheme introductory mug Front of scheme introductory mug

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