Golly Corner: Quorn Swapmeet 2000


Sunday 22nd October 2000
20th Quornmeet
Rawlins Community College
Quorn, Leicestershire.
The meet is run annually by the B.C.C.

The Quorn swapmeet remains a must in the Golly Collecting Calendar. Even if you don't end up buying much (like me!) it is a great place to meet some of the corner stones of the UK Golly brooch collecting scene. Colin Dodds, Keith Wilkinson, Barry Croucher, Jerry Loader and, of course, Frank and Mary Setchfield were all there this year. I am sure that Richard Burton (sadly absent as he is busy recovering from his operation) will be back again next year.

Several people have asked if it is only swaps that take place. The answer is no. Dealers and collectors with surplus merchandise sell their wares there too. I met a couple who had travelled up from Kent and a lady from the U.S. (she was in the U.K. for other reasons, but still....). People are prepared to travel and this says a lot in itself.

Like most things it is what you make of it – a talk shop, a quick bargain hunt, or a chance to buy the "really interesting stuff" that gets pulled out if you ask the right question of the right person. Even if you don't find the "underground", a few of the rarer brooches can be found amongst the stalls.

If you couldn't make it this year – I would recommend giving it a try next year.

Quorn Swapmeet 2001

Sunday 14th October 2001
21st Quornmeet.

Another very enjoyable day and a well attended swapmeet. It was lovely to see Richard Burton well enough to be back selling his brooches for charity. The other collectors I met had lots of interesting chat about Golly's retirement, the forthcoming Farewell brooch issues and what the future holds for us as Golly brooch collectors. Well worth fighting through the fog!

Quorn Swapmeet 2002

Sunday 27th October 2002
22nd Quornmeet.

Despite the gale force winds and torrential rain, this was the busiest Quorn swapmeet that I have attended. It was nice to see Colin Dodds as a stallholder, allowing people to try out the new Robertson's Guide CD. Plenty had also brought along items for him to photograph. A year on from Golly's official retirement, there were still a large quantity of Golly badges for sale – common ones and rarer.

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