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Golly Survey

The Golly Survey has been created to establish some facts about collector's tastes and the state of Golly collecting today.

If you have already entered the survey and would like to enter again to update your reply, please do so and I will supersede your original answers. Note new questions have been added during June 2003.

If you have not yet entered the survey, but intend to, it may be worth entering before reading the results to avoid being influenced by previous answers.

The results have been analysed three times, so far.
Analysis Period Covered by Survey Number of results Status
3 February 2001 – June 2003 150 Post Golly's retirement
2 February 2001 – October 2001 100 Era encompassing Golly's retirement
1 February 2001 – August 2001 50 Pre Golly's retirement

Brooch Suggestions

In April 1998 James Robertson and Sons expressed an interest in receiving suggestions from collectors on the Internet for future ranges of brooches and requested that Golly Corner record these.

The list was last handed over to Robertson's in June 2001. Since Robertson's have now retired Golly it seems unlikely that we will see any more of the suggestions make it in to production. As a thanks to those who participated and for interest value, the list will be remain on the site. Further suggestions are not anticipated. However, if more are received they will be published here.

Robertson's used this list when drawing up ideas for the October 1999 set. At the bottom of the page you'll see the suggestions that made it. 9 of the 12 in the set had been suggested here and congratulations to those with such winning imaginations! Subsequently others also made it into production.

Suggestions that came in more than once were put nearer the top of the list but with the original contributer, new suggestions were added to the end.

Since Golly's retirement several of the suggestions have appeared on unauthorised brooches!

There is also a list of suggestions for other merchandise.

Suggestion Contributer
Computer & Golly Liz Prigg
Army, Navy and Airforce Military Gollies Jon Glew
Armed Forces (different uniforms e.g. paras/marines) Michael Harding
4 Armed Services; Royal Navy, Royal Marine, Army, Air Force Jim Reed
Robin Hood Golly (and Maid Marion) Ken France (and Phil)
Premiership golly's in different football strips Lynne Verschueren
James Bond Golly Evin Donohoe
Builder (with hard hat) Judith Parsons
Gardener Vicky Thompson
Super Golly (Based On Superman) Vicky Thompson
Paramedic Vicky Thompson
More fruit Golly brooches Mike Howell
Scuba Diver Stephen Taylor
Witch (with a broom and black cat) Judith Parsons (detail by Julia Hay)

Angel Parachutist Teacher Egyptian
By Jack Braybrook

Diver Vicky Thompson
Valentine Golly Judith Parsons
Circus Ringmaster John Hemphill
Window Cleaner Judith Parsons
Gypsy Golly (With Crystal Ball) Judith Parsons
Shakespeare Golly Vicky Thompson
Photographer Golly Ben Sears
Sherlock Holmes Golly Jan Dragosz
National dress from different countries (e.g. Kimono, Sari) Liz Hough
Golly Twins Judith Parsons
Traffic Warden Judith Parsons
Film Characters (Terminator, Star Wars, X-Files, Batman) Sandra and Sylvia
Golly on a mobile phone Hilary Adkins
Vet Vicky Thompson
All the members of an Orchestra Mike Howell
Dentist Judith Parsons
Pearly king & Queen golly Lynne Verschueren
School Boy/Girl Judith Parsons
Bungy jumping Golly (upside down one attached by his ankles) Sandra and Sylvia (detail by Julia Hay)
Coalminer Lindsay Robertson
Golly boxer Roy Brown
Ballroom Dancers (Male and Female) Judith Parsons
Alien Golly Sandra and Sylvia
National monuments (showing each monument with a golly face in the middle much like the Golly Fruits)
      The Millennium wheel
      The Eiffel Tower
      Berlin Wall
      Leaning Tower Of Pisa
      Statue of Liberty
      Nelson's Column
Dave Friend
World Sightseeing Set
      Nelson (Golly's Column)
      Golly Sphinx
      Abe Lincoln on his chair in NY
Ben (Heaf)
Line dancer Sabeha
Mechanic golly holding spanner Lynne Verschueren
Windsurfer Stephen Taylor
Fairy Golly Judith Parsons
Commonwealth Games Golly with scrolls saying 'XVII Commonwealth Games-Manchester 2002' Peter Welsh
An edwardian family Jake Russel
Something relating to the Titanic Jake Russel
Golly family Sabeha
Commemorating inventors
      John logi Baird
      Alexander Graham Bell
      Sir Clive Sinclair
Dave Friend
Queen Golly sitting in a carriage to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee. Colin Wearn
More/new county cricketers Stephen Taylor
Shopping with a trolley Judith Parsons
Pop stars of the Fifties, Sixties etc. (e.g. The Beatles, Elvis, Jacksons) Derek Farrell
Halloween Judith Parsons
Disco dancer Sabeha
Professor Sabeha
Golly at a sewing machine Lyne David
Golly on horseback/horseriding Roy Brown
Wrestler Vicky Thompson
Butler Sabeha
Chimney Sweep Sabeha
Beefeater Liz Prigg
Complete Circus (Lion Tamer, Clown, etc) Liz Hough
Strong Man (Circus theme) Liz Stafford
Trapeze Artist (Circus theme) Liz Stafford
Knitting Judith Parsons
Irish golly (Leprechaun) Evin Donohoe
Suffragette Sabeha
Punk Golly (stuck up hair and pin in nose!) Kevin Stewart
Golly Cleopatra Sabeha
With dreadlocks Sabeha
Water skier Sabeha
Golly in a High Speed Train Richard Roughton
Florist Judith Parsons
Parachute Golly Judith Parsons
Romeo & Juliet Golly Judith Parsons
Tourist(at world landmarks) Judith Parsons
Tap Dancer Judith Parsons
Zoo keeper Judith Parsons
Golly in a Gondola Judith Parsons
Balloon Seller Judith Parsons
Roller Blading Judith Parsons
Victorian Golly Judith Parsons
Tudor Golly Judith Parsons
Elizabethan Golly Judith Parsons
Eating a jam sandwich Judith Parsons
Ice-cream man(in van) Judith Parsons
Golly in a Helicopter Liz Prigg
Wee-willy-winky golly with candlestick in hand Vicky Thompson
Snowman Vicky Thompson
Golly on safari Georgie Floyd
Star gazing Golly Ben Sears
Robot Golly Kevin Stewart
Rag doll Vicky Thompson
Highway-man Golly Kevin Stewart
Mountaineer Vicky Thompson
O.A.P. Gollies Sandra and Sylvia
Librarian Liz Hough
Hippy Sandra and Sylvia
Dracula Kevin Stewart
Futuristic Golly Liz Hough
Futuristic Golly (dressed like the Jetsons with a ray gun) Kevin Stewart
Golly Fencer Alexander Jenkins
Ghost with chain Vicky Thompson
Canoeist Stephen Taylor
Golly Carpenter (with wooden Golly) Judith Parsons
Bell-hop Golly Judith Parsons
Golly Beekeeper Kevin
Golly Barber Judith Parsons
Body Builder Judith Parsons
Golly Angel Judith Parsons

Birthday Vampire Fortune Teller Robin Hood
By Jack Braybrook

Golly Archer Alexander Jenkins
American Indian Golly Ben Sears
Student Liz Hough
Army Regiments Jon Glew
Army cadet Vicky Thompson
Witch with couldren Vicky Thompson
Gangster Vicky Thompson
Teacher Golly (with Blackboard) Anne (and Georgi)
Ice skating golly Lynne Verschueren
Samari Golly (with helmet and sword) Kevin Stewart
Kendo Golly (with helmet) Kevin Stewart
London bus driver Roy Brown
Commemorating the famous people through history
      Winston Churchill
      Field Marshall Montgomery
      Charles Dickens
      Queen Elizabeth I
      King Arthur
      Richard The LionHeart
Dave Friend
Queen's Guard with Busby Liz Prigg
Welsh Golly Carolanne Salmon
Less sporty designs Carolanne Salmon
Golly and Teddy Christine Charles
More commemorative designs Andrew Thomson
Set to represent different charities Andrew Thomson
Hairdressing Golly Anne
Mexican Golly Anne
Golly in a V.W. Beetle Anne
Golly in a New V.W. Beetle Richard Roughton
Golly Expressions (Sad, Grumpy etc.) Lindsay Robertson
Isle of Mann TT Road Racer Brian Shepherd
Gollies in European National Costumes Brian Shepherd
Telephonist Golly Brian Shepherd
More Aussie Bushwalkers! Christina Tassell
American Farmer (Denim overalls and pitchfork) John Hemphill
Hot Air Balloonist Kevin
Pyjama golly with nightcap Lynne Verschueren
Handgliding golly Lynne Verschueren
Bishop golly Lynne Verschueren
Dog walking golly Lynne Verschueren
Childrens organisations e.g. cubs Mike Howell
Bus conductor Roy Brown
Golly gentleman with bowler & umbrella Roy Brown
Taxi driver Roy Brown
Buddhist (orange robe/in the Lotus position) Ben Sears
Magic carpet Golly(flying) Ben Sears
Braveheart Golly (with a Broadsword) Ben Sears
Beaver Scout Daniel Edwards
Trampoling Golly (mid air summersault) Stephen Taylor
Reading Golly Anne Dean
Magician (pulling a rabbit out of a hat) John Hemphill
Beatle Gollies Tom Samson
Disney characters (Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto etc) Ken France
Cornish Golly holding a pasty Jenny Prigg
Golly on a trike (3 wheeled motorbike) Georgie Floyd
Mummy golly with baby Georgie Floyd
Series of rugby players Georgie Floyd
Golly to adopt a different charity each year Martin 'Floydy' Floyd
Rugby players with international colours Martin 'Floydy' Floyd
Godfather (Mafia) Golly Evin Donohoe
Game hunter Evin Donohoe
Davy Crockett style Golly Evin Donohoe
Old West Bank Robber Evin Donohoe
Businessman Evin Donohoe
White Golly Stan Hill
Hobo Golly Evin Donohoe
Engineer Evin Donohoe
Midget Golly Evin Donohoe
British Convict Golly Evin Donohoe
Karaoke Golly Evin Donohoe
Hiking Golly (laderhosen, pick) Evin Donohoe
Jungle Golly (Tarzan style) Evin Donohoe
Greek God Golly Evin Donohoe
Construction Worker Golly Evin Donohoe
Spanish Inquisition Golly John Donohoe
S.W.A.T team Golly John Donohoe
Roman Golly (in Toga) Evin Donohoe
Bank Robber Golly Evin Donohoe
Bird Watcher (Ornithologist NOT Twitcher) Colin Wearn
Falconer Colin Wearn
Irish golly (with shamrock in hand) Vicky Thompson
Motorbikes from main the manufacturers in World Super Bike colours e.g. red Duccatti Colin Wearn
Snake Charmer Vicky Thompson
Gradma golly in rocking chair knitting Vicky Thompson
Babysitter Vicky Thompson
Goldminer Vicky Thompson
Aboriginee Vicky Thompson
Kayapo tribesmen Vicky Thompson
Naturist Vicky Thompson
Discjockey Vicky Thompson
Golly in rocket Vicky Thompson
Athlete Vicky Thompson
Beggar Vicky Thompson
Bricklayer Vicky Thompson
Detective Vicky Thompson
Ninga Vicky Thompson
Harrods Golly Vicky Thompson
Nun Vicky Thompson
Vetinary nurse Vicky Thompson
Paraglider Vicky Thompson
HMS RN Sailor Alasdair Gilchrist, Warrant Officer RN
Girl Guide Golly Melanie Bowling
Prince & Princess Vicky Thompson
Indian Vicky Thompson
Huntsman Vicky Thompson
Xmas 99' Vicky Thompson
Rock climer Vicky Thompson
Gnome Vicky Thompson
Little bo peep Vicky Thompson
Red Riding Hood Vicky Thompson
Little miss muffet Vicky Thompson
Golly Collector Julian Sutton
Rainbows, Beavers, Cubs, Rangers & Guiders set Melanie Bowling
Grim Reaper Sandra and Sylvia
Vampire Sandra and Sylvia
More tradition red & blue designs T and J Watson
Robertson's club with exclusive issues Dawn Allam
Pupil Golly Joseph Carter
Fireman with breathing apparatus Colin Wearn
St John and other charities Liz Hough
Accountant (with calculator) Liz Hough
McDonalds Crew Liz Hough
From Different Countries (Canada, USA, GB) Liz Hough
Historical (Greek, Medieval, Stonage)Futuristic Liz Hough
Journalist Joseph Carter
One from each century Liz Hough
Nuclear worker Kevin Stewart
Sword Fighting Golly Kevin Stewart
Biggles the pilot Golly Kevin Stewart
Morris Dancing Kevin Stewart
King Arthur style Golly Kevin Stewart
Druid Golly Kevin Stewart
Horror Film Gollies (Freddy Kruger, Mummy, Were-wolf) Kevin Stewart
Peter Pan Kevin Stewart
Snowboarding Golly Kevin Stewart
Voodoo Golly (with face paint) Kevin Stewart
Trucker Richard Roughton
Golly in a Camper Van Richard Roughton
Golly with a clock under his arm Richard Roughton
Golly in a Mini (the car of the Century) Rosemary Graham
Women's Royal Army Corps Elaine
Auxilliary Territorial Service Elaine
Cross Eyed Golly Joseph Carter
Badminton (with shuttlecock) Michael Harding
10 pin bowling Michael Harding
Emergency Services (in vehicles) Michael Harding
Flag bearing golly (flags of the world/europe) Michael Harding
Jedi Golly (with lightsabre!) Steve Brook
Secret Agent Golly Steve Brook
European Football follow up – Golly in winners's colours (France) plus a scroll underneath saying "Winners" John Perrott
Cars through the ages, with golly either by them or in them Diane Back
Olympic Golly with an Australian flavour Cyril Green
Cross Stitching Golly Chris, Bedford, UK
Jet Ski-ing Golly Hilary Adkins
Swimming Golly with Union Jack trunks Hilary Adkins
www.dot.com Golly (on waistcoat) Hilary Adkins
Steeplejack Golly Hilary Adkins
Surgeon Golly (in operating gear and mask) Hilary Adkins
Easter Golly with egg in hand Hilary Adkins
Golly in bed with his teddy Georgi
Golly on a carousel horse Georgi
Lumberjack golly in a checked shirt with an axe Georgi
Traveller Golly with his suitcase Georgi
Golly writing a letter at a desk Georgi
Golly in a 'Miranda Carmen' fruit hat,ala, "I, I, I, I, I, I like you veeery much" Julia Hay
Egyptian mummy swathed in bandages Julia Hay
"What no Jam?" (Chad) Golly peeking over a wall (or jam jar!) Julia Hay
Characters out of soap operas e.g. Coronation Street Anniversary Andrew Mills
Wonders of the world (showing each wonder with a golly face in the middle much like the Golly Fruits)
      The pyramids
      Hanging Gardens of Babylon
      The statue of Zeus at Olympia
      The Light house (Pharos) at Alexandria
      Temple Of Artemis at Ephesus
      Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
Dave Friend
An architect or builder with a bright yellow site helmet and drawings under his arm. Graham Walker
Coastguard Golly Georgina Michael
Golly Catlover Georgina Michael
Golly Charlie Chaplin with black suit & cane Sharon Page
In Marilyn Monroe'S famous white dress Sharon Page
Golly with current popular children's characters
e.g. The Tweenies, Bob The Builder, Pokemon, Tellytubbies.
Sharon Page
Golly on a miciscooter Dave Boocock
School set. A teacher, teachers pet, one pulling a funny face, two talking to each other, one doing it's work, one with it's hand up, one with a paper airiplane and one being told off.
Rachel Mason
Beat the bully set. Golly being bullied, Golly upset, Golly telling a friend, Gollies telling their parents, Golly parents telling the teacher and then the bully getting what was coming to them! Rachel Mason
Martial Art Set Liz Stafford
Wedding Photographer Liz Stafford
At the sea-side with knotted hankies on heads and trousers rolled up. Liz Stafford
Countryside set – farmer, tractor driver, digger driver, horse rider, clay pigeon shooting, quad biker. Alison Stamper
Road Sweeper Loraine House
Winter Olympic Set Colin Wearn
Outdoor pursuits similar to the walker Colin Wearn
Water sports set (sailing, water ski-ing, diving/snorkelling) Colin Wearn
Set of manual workers e.g. engineers, motor trade, welders, dockers Michael Zuk
Explorer Louise Bailey
White van man driver Louise Bailey
Rag and Bone man Louise Bailey
Frisbee Thrower Louise Bailey
Gollys with Pet animals (e.g. golly with a dog, golly with a cat, golly with a budgie) Mark Mc Coubrie
Fairytales Teresa
Film Icons/Characters Sharon Page
Red Nose Golly for Comic Relief Colin Wearn
Harry Potter Golly Jane Mapp
British Telecom engineer Dave Glynn
Ambulance man (another) Dave Glynn
Golly AA Man Graham
Rowing eight complete with cox Blair Nicholson
Golly seaplane Trish Schofield
Golly skydiver Trish Schofield
Set of 12 Zodiac Signs Angela Kmon
Reproduction pre war fruits (with the golly face) similar to the 1940's reproduction set issued in 1985. Peter Wilson
Typewriting Golly Brooch. Vicky Thompson
F1 racing driver – red Angela Kmon
Lady Chef Angela Kmon
Airline pilot Angela Kmon
Lottery Winner Angela Kmon
Power Rangers Susan Shaw
Old Watch with Mother Favourites Susan Shaw
Sci-Fi Gollies Susan Shaw
Nintendo Susan Shaw
Railway Guard Julie-Ann Wearn
Prom night gollies – tux & evening dress Rachel B.
Sparkly, glittery golly Rachel B.
Watchmaker golly Rachel B.
Film crew gollies (1 with camera, 1 with fluffy microphone, 1 in directors chair, 1 with clapperboard etc) Rachel B.
Bowler Eric Wilkinson
All uniformed organisations, not just brownie and scout Rebecca Wilson
Motorcycling thru the ages Nigel
Costume gollys ie edwardian,victorian etc. Nigel
Female mechanic or refuse collector female equality Phil James
Re-make of the 1980 set..similar style Chris Bates
Sports set Chris Bates
Countries of the World Chris Bates
Football clubs and cricket clubs sets. Like the early cricket set with the club names below Ron Wilson
Nautical Gollys to commemorate the history of the mighty British Navy Laura Sparrow Hood
Jam Maker Paul Fuller
Fortune Teller Golly Elizabeth Bannister
Stamp Collector Dave Delo
Call-centre/Telesales Dave Delo
Call-centre/Telesales Dave Delo
Batman & Robin Phil
Shakespearian Characters e.g. Hamlet holding a golly scull, Romeo and Juliet, McBeth, The Fairies from a midsummer nights dream, Othello and Desdamona CarolAnne Salmon
Trendy golly, carrying a jasper conrad bag Samantha Brewster
Playstation golly Samantha Brewster
That they bring them back! Jules
Famous Scientists Colin Hughes
Golly spinning the world on his fingertip Gabe

Suggestions by Sabeha
Arabian Acrobat Sat in a vintage car
Bronze,Silver,Gold,Gollies British Sign Language Golly Bob Sleigh Golly
Banker Belly Dancer Couch Potato
Cupid "Cinderella" On a rocking horse
Checkout golly Cake decorator Carol singer
D.J. Darth Vader/Marl golly
Devil Dr Who Elf
Eco-Warrior Equestrian golly "Elvis"
Fishmonger Fantasy golly sat on a unicorn Friendly giant
Fancy dress golly Gospel singer Genie
Harlequin Ice sculptor Jester
Jeweller Luke Skywalker golly
Michaelangelo Maid Newsreader
Nursery Rhyme Characters Opera singer Poet
Puppet on a string! Pixie on a toadstool Pied Piper
Puss in Boots Pierrot
Rambo Rapunzel Sumo Wrestler
Sinbad the sailor Salsa dancers Shoemaker
Storyteller Samurai Coming down Helter Skelter.
Table tennis player Wee Willy Winky Holding an open umbrella
Feeding the birds Wearing raincoat/hat & wellingtons With bucket & spade
In submarine Holding a kite Depicting the signs of the zodiac
On childs scooter In spaceship
To celebrate sporting moments On Harley Davidson Stood in motor racing outfit
In top hat & tails Holding the different jars of Robertsons jam Driving a Robertsons delivery van
Sat in a "Pea Green" boat On a motorbike with sidecar

Suggestions by Judith Parsons
Monk Grandma & Grandpa Vicar
Plumber Secretary Lighthouse Keeper
With bandage & plaster Golly in a wheelchair Golly on crutches
Playing Marcas Pianist Drummer
One man band Banjo Player
Nanny Career Golly Weather Gollies Statue of Liberty
Rememberance Poppy Seller Fishing in a row boat One for each decade of 20th Century
Golly waving flag Milk maid War Veteran
Birthday Golly Dustman Toy maker
On a tractor Swimmer with armbands Check-out Golly
Green Grocer Camper
In a swimsuit Film Star Butlins Red Coat
Golly in a deck chair Chauffer Golly cleaning his teeth
Sunbathing Golly Building a sandcastle Golly in the bath
Golly shaving Golly and dolly
Guy Fawkes Golly in a tuxedo Feeding the pigeons
Hawaiian Reporter Reading Robertson's recipies
Netballer Lacrosse Mowing the lawn
Jack in the box Golly with camcorder
Champion with trophy Reading the paper Sat on a jam jar
Having a barbeque Golly on stilts
Tailor Forest Ranger Sheriff
Golly on a slide On a seesaw On a swing
Bell ringer Choir Boy Tightrope walker
Pizza Delivery Golly Golly using pneumatic drill Riding a penny farthing
Golly on a unicycle With feet up having a cuppa
Lord (with watch, chain and monacle) & Lady

Suggestions which became reality Contributer
Graduate Golly (1999 Set) Lynne Verschueren
King & Queen golly (1999 Set) Lynne Verschueren
Bride & groom golly (1999 Set) Lynne Verschueren
Wizard (1999 Set) Katherine Sears
Caveman Golly (1999 Set) Evin Donohoe
Golly to commemorate the Millennium Andrew Thomson
Mermaid (1999 Set) Judith Parsons
Farmer Judith Parsons
2000 Olympics commemmorative Golly John Donohoe
Weightlifting Golly (2000 Gollympics) John Donohoe
Astronomer (1910 – Historical Events) Vicky Thompson
Scientist (1950 – Historical Events) Judith Parsons
Goodbye Golly S.Walker

Suggestions for other Golly merchandise Contributer
Pack of playing cards with different gollies Joan Forrester
Computer mouse mat featuring the standard Golly & one of Robertson's advertising slogans Sarah Grainger
1 or a series of Necklace Pendants with either new design or copies of existing designs Alan Day
A Golli Chess Set, a special edition issued over a period of time, 1 or 2 pieces being issued on a monthly basis Alan Day
More pottery items such as salt & pepper, milk jug, sugar bowl etc. like the ones produced by Silver Crane Gary Gatward

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Golly Corner: Have Your Say / revised August 2003