The Golly Survey has been created to find some facts about collector's tastes and the state of Golly collecting today. 100 results have already been analysed. Your entry will be analysed in the next batch.

Golly Brooches & Collecting

Favourite set
Least favourite set
Favourite brooch
Least favourite brooch
Which year did you start collecting?
Size of collection brooches
Golly's Golden Era was
Golly's dark years were
What do you collect? Golly brooches only
Various Golly items
Everything Golly
Nothing Golly, just passing through

Will you collect the Robertson's Roald Dahl merchandise? Yes    No    Undecided

How has the amount of Robertson's products you have bought since the end of the Golly promotion varied? More    Same    Less    Stopped Buying   

Did you buy any unauthorised or reproduction Golly badges before Golly's retirement? Yes    No   

Do you still collect any unauthorised or reproduction Golly badges since Golly's retirement? Some    Alot    No   

What are your feelings about unauthorised or reproduction badges since Golly's retirement? .


How often do you visit this site?
Which year did you get Internet access?
Do you have a WAP enabled phone? Yes No
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