Golly Corner: Brooch Backstamps


This illustrates the different type of backstamps that Robertson's have used on their brooches.
There are also interesting articles on Miller backstamps and Registration Numbers

Early 20s Tin Miller Prewar Lemons Miller Prewar Oranges Miller Prewar Brambles/Raspberries Miller Prewar Blackcurrants Miller Prewar Strawberries Miller Golfer Miller Essex Cricketer Melsom Pre-war Footballer 1950s Fattorini & Sons 1950s REV Gomm 1950s Miller 1950s Miller 1950s Marples & Beasley 1950s A W G 1950s Olympic 1950s Gaunt, London 1950s Gaunt, Birmingham 1950s Miller Footballer 1950s Charles Davies 1950s Reeves 1960 Propat 1970s Rev Gomm 1970s Fattorini (in box) Fattorini Lifeboatman Gold Viota Baker 1980s Single Backstamp 1980s Single Backstamp (Variant) REV Gomm 1940s Repro 1985 REV Gomm 1940s Repro 1985 REV Gomm 1940s Repro 1985 REV Gomm 1940s Repro 1985 1990 Multiple Backstamp 1993/4 Vertical Backstamp 1993/4 Horizontal Backstamp 1996 & 1996 special edition Multiple Backstamp 1998 & 1996 Multiple Backstamp 1998 World Cup Backstamp 1998 Santa and Rudolph Backstamp Silver Millennium Golly 2000 Backstamp 2000 Euro Footballer Backstamp 2000 Gollympics 2001 Golly's Diary Backstamp 2001 Gold Farwell Golly Backstamp 2002 Silver Farwell Golly Backstamp 2001 Great Golly Giveaway Backstamp 2002 Sara's Badge 1950's Pendant (smooth hair) 1950's Pendant (curly hair)
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Golly Corner: Brooch Backstamps / revised January 2002
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