Golly Corner: Portsmouth SLC 2006 On The Day

How many SLC members can you get on a yacht? PORTSMOUTH SLC 2006 – ON THE DAY

Thankfully on the day of the SLC the weather was warm, dry and Sunny. Ideal for lounging around on a yacht....

There was chance for everybody to board the yacht while skipper Nick, courtesy of the Meridian Trust, showed them around and arranged for refreshments.

Watching on as Nick hoists the pennant

The Meridian Trust also arranged for Liz's HMS Crichton Battle Ensign and the original pennant from the yacht (courtesy of Jerry Loader) to be hoisted. They proudly fluttered with the perfect backdrop of blue skies and Spinnaker Tower.

HMS Crichton Battle Ensign and the original yacht pennant The flag, the pennant and Spinnaker Tower

After a busy morning on the yacht it was off to the Customs House for a long, leisurely lunch....

Lunch table 1 Lunch table 2

Others however preferred to stay on board the yacht and rest after such a busy morning....

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No Lunch for me

When the Meridian Trust opened the donation box they were delighted to find the considerable sum of 208 had been raised through the day. Any body interested in further reading may be interested in picking up a copy of Come Hell or High Water by Clare Fancis. Copies are often available on eBay and contain some good photos showing the boat during Clare's Atlantic crossing.

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