Golly Corner: Robertson's August 2000 Letter


Dear Robertson's Collectors,

As many of you may well be aware there have been several cases recently of unofficial Golly merchandise finding its way into the market. In some cases this has even appeared to carry official Robertson's tags.

Official Robertson's Golly merchandise can only be obtained by way of post, using the tokens collected from any jar of Robertson's Jam, Marmalalde or Mincemeat, and not by any other method.

Robertson's would like to make it known that we do not in any way endorse any Robertson's Golly products that are not obtained through the official Robertson's Golly promotions unit.

We would also ask that any collector who is unsure of the authenticity of any product, or who would like further information regarding available Golly merchandise, to contact Robertson's directly at the following address:

The Golly Promotions Unit,
James Robertson's and Sons,
Fitzroy Street,
Manchester. M43 6DR.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support.

.....Watch out for a new Robertson's Golly badge set later in the year!!

Your faithfully,

Ian Greengrass
Head of Marketing

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Golly Corner: Robertson's August 2000 Letter / revised August 2000
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