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Cleaning Badges

Q. Having bought some white waistcoat badges which have obviously been cleaned - can cleaning damage the enamel, what is the best way to clean them and does anybody else clean theirs? The two badges in question both look great - almost mint. (Kerry).

How do you display your brooch collection?

Q. I am now tired of looking at my badges in boxes and have now today ordered a small display case to be made for me. I will then get artist's board cut to size of base and stick 1/2 inch foam to this and cover with cloth. Please tell me what type of 'glue' or paste to use to stick foam to board that causes NO damage or harm to badges. I've heard in past that some can / may cause colour changes to badges after a time, so naturally I want to avoid this. Secondly, is it OK to varnish the display case when completed or will that cause damage? What type of vanish should I get? (Eric).

Keep Golly brooches in their bags?

Q. I was wondering what to do with mint badges in bags. I like to see them but I don't want to lose half their value by taking them out of the bags. Do you chuck away the bags or keep them in a drawer. With the ones in cases, do I display them and keep the boxes in a drawer where they will disappear down a wormhole? (Ben).

Insuring a collection

Q. Can you give me some advice on insurance for my golly collection? Am I right in saying that it's not covered by ordinary household insurance, as it's a 'specialist' type of collection?

What companies (and premiums) undertake this type of insurance?

Has anyone ever had to make a claim and if so how well was it dealt with? Are you a satisfied?

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