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1996 Set

Artist Cheerleader DIY Eskimo Ice Hockey Knight Paper Boy Scarecrow Viking Wren

1998 Set

Basketballer Goalie Golfer Guitarist Judge Saxophonist Singer Standard Surgeon Waiter

World Cup Limited Edition

Silver Millennium

World Cup 98 Silver Millennium
Proto-type for Millennium Leaflet

Historical Events from the 20th Century

1903 Wright Brothers first flight 1912 Total Eclipse of the Sun 1922 Tomb of Tutankhamen Discovered 1932 London Philharmonic Orchestra Founded 1946 Hawaiian Casual Shirt 1953 Structure of DNA Discovered 1969 Woodstock Festival 1970 Spacehopper was born 1981 First London Marathon 1993 Grand National Abandoned

Golly's Diary 2001

Monday's Golly is fair of face Tuesday's Golly is full of grace Wednesday's Golly of full of woe Thursday's Golly has far to go Friday's Golly is loving and giving Saturday's Golly works hard for a living But the Golly who is born on the Sabbath day,
is fair and wise and good and gay!

This artwork has been supplied by James Robertson & Sons and is used with their kind permission.

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Golly Corner: Golly Artwork / revised May 2001