Golly Corner: 1940's & 1940 Boxed Sets

6 Gollies in presentation box1940's & 1940 BOXED SETS

In 1985 Robertson's made available reproductions of the white waistcoated brooches first issued after the war. The 6 brooches were contained within a brown plastic presentation box. The wording on the lid varied from '1940's brooch collection' to '1940 brooch collection'. The reproductions were made by REV Gomm and the backstamps included the year, 1985.

1940's Lid of the presentation box 1940 Lid of the presentation box

Other than the obvious difference between the 1940's and 1940 on the lid the packaging had also been found to vary in the following respects.

1940's 1940
Foam Backing Colour Fawn Green
Foam Front Colour Dark Brown/Black Brown
Foam Thumb Cut-Out No Yes

Thumbnails of full collection
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1940s Guitarist 1985 1940s Standard 1985 1940s Hockey 1985 1940s Golfer 1985 1940s Footballer 1985 1940s Tennis Player 1985