Golly Corner: The Four Golly Seasons


150 sets issued by Golly Revival in 2003 : each of the four seasons badges was presented on a backing card. The reverse of each backing card carried a further reference to each season. The face for the centre of the circle was the fifth badge to complete the set.

SPRING A seven syllable verse by the Japanese poet, Susumi Takiguchi - Haiku SUMMER The Robert Burns poem A Red Red Rose.

AUTUMN A modern poem by Steve Campsall - Conker Tree WINTER A winter poem by Ruth Gillis

[Unauthorised by Robertson's]

S I T E    M A P
Golly Corner: The Four Golly Seasons / revised August 2003
Photographs Copyright Liz Prigg © 1998–2009
Summer Spring Winter Autumn Golly Face - The fifth badge