Golly Corner: "I Love My Golly" Mug 2002


[Official Robertson's Merchandise]

I Love My Golly Mug 2002

In March 2002 Robertson's announced 1,200 "I Love My Golly" mugs would be issued. By the end of April 2002, they had all sold out. The only leaflets available were those produced within Robertson's and were not of the usual leaflet quality

The mug was a final piece of merchandise to coincide with the 'Official' end to the scheme at Easter (however as the FAQ explains, there will be no absolute cut-off date for the brooches at Easter). It was felt that offering something new just as a final farewell to those people still interested and passionate about Golly would be appropriate. (Thanks to James Robertson & Sons).

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Golly Corner: "I Love My Golly" Mug 2002 / revised April 2002
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