Golly Corner: Golly's Diary 2001


Inside Cover of Golly's Diary 2001
Monday's Golly is fair of face
Wednesday's Golly of full of woe
Friday's Golly is loving and giving
But the Golly who is born on the Sabbath day,
is fair and wise and good and gay!
Tuesday's Golly is full of grace
Thursday's Golly has far to go
Saturday's Golly works hard for a living

Cover of Golly's Diary 2001

Issued in May 2001, this set was a Special Edition. Although limited to 3,000 sets they were not individually numbered. The reverse of each brooch carries only the J. Robertson's backstamp. The set cost 25 plus 3 tokens. The sets sold out in August 2001.

The black leather bound presentation box was, except for the wording, the same as that used for the Gollympic set. This time, the Nursery Rhyme on which the set was based – 'Monday's Child is Fair of Face', was printed in the inside cover. The box has the appearance of a book with Golly's Diary 2001 on the cover and spine, the pages being edged in gold. There is no separate certificate instead it is incorporated into the inside lid. The fastening is the traditional pin and safety catch. This was the first time that Robertson's had issued a square Golly brooch!

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Golly Corner: Golly's Diary 2001 / revised August 2001
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